October 24


October 24, 1904 George Jordan, Medal of Honor recipient, died. Jordan was born in Williamson County, Tennessee. By 1880, he was serving as a sergeant in the 9th Cavalry Regiment in New Mexico during the Indian Wars. His citation reads: “While commanding a detachment of 25 men at Fort Tularosa, New Mexico, repulsed a force of more than 100 Indians. At Carrizo Canyon, New Mexico, while commanding the right of a detachment of 19 men, on 12 August 1881, he stubbornly held his ground in an extremely exposed position and gallantly forced back a much superior number of the enemy, preventing them from surrounding the command.” For these actions, Jordan was awarded the medal, America’s highest military decoration, on May 7, 1890. Jordan reached the rank of first sergeant before leaving the army. Not much is known of Jordan’s life before or after the army.


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