November 1


November 1, 1869 The 24th Infantry Regiment (the “Deuce Four”), an all-black United States military unit, was organized. In 1898, the unit was deployed to Cuba as part of the U.S. Expeditionary Force in the Spanish-American War. In 1899, they were deployed to the Philippine Islands to help suppress a guerilla movement in the Philippine-American War. In 1916, they guarded the U.S.- Mexican border to keep the Mexican Revolution from spilling on to U.S. soil. During World War II, the 24th Infantry fought in the South Pacific Theater and from the end of the war until 1947 they occupied Okinawa, Japan. In June, 1950, the 24th deployed to Korea where they fought throughout the Korean peninsula. The regiment received the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation for their actions and two members of the regiment, Cornelius H. Charleton and William Thompson, posthumously received Medals of Honor for their actions in Korea. The 24th Infantry was deactivated on October 1, 1951.


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