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We learn through an expansion of our awareness, it can be in reading, writing, music, videos, discussions or a simple method which lead to a better understanding of one’s self. African American History is nothing new; its course is secured with the accomplishments, contributions, discoveries, inventions and creations extracted through our ongoing struggles. Be empowered by understanding this History.

These achievements have made all lives better and advanced the Universe. Even today there is a continued thirst for the unknown, the forgotten and the neglected. RAAH provide a conscious learning tool which helps through the exposure of African Americans History. Watch videos, read documents, see photos which will assist in learning about our History in America. Learn about the evolution of this Country and how many African Americans made exceptional strides against the odds. History: a road map to success.

Our stolen legacy is worth being made known. Through our culture there is an uplifting spirit, motivating tribulation and an abundance of patriotism. Through this platform RAAH share our American experience in an everyday method to encourage a broader communiqué to the seeds of greatness.

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